Commercial Property

Joseph Rizzuto Properties manages several businesses in different industries, including buying, building and owing several different properties around the country. Joseph Rizzuto has managed properties and participated in several home improvements of dilapidated properties that have had a positive impact in low and middle-income communities. Joseph Rizzuto Properties also has several partnerships and investments in other industries, including food service and commercial transportation around the country, as well.

1. Where did the idea for company come from?

I have had several successful properties and businesses I was already managing. We look for opportunities to take underappreciated properties and turn them into profitable revenue streams. The real estate market can present quite a bit of residual income opportunities, which you can reinvest or use to purchase more properties. There are also a lot of tax benefits associated with real estate investments in the United States. So this business emerged from the successful investments and experiences of what I was already doing. We simply didn’t have a uniformed name or strategy for it yet, even though we had a great deal of success in this field.

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