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Commercial Properties

Joseph Rizzuto is a commercial transportation manager, real estate investor, commercial property investor and entrepreneur who grew up in the New York, Tri-State area. Over the years, Joseph learned a lot about property values, depreciation, commercial lending and real estate investing for long-term investment goals and residual income. This led to the development of Joseph Rizzuto Properties, for continuing to build and scale his portfolio.

Where did the idea for Joseph Rizzuto Properties come from?
Joseph Rizzuto Properties is the natural culmination of all of the work I’ve been doing investing in real estate, specializing in dilapidated homes and improvements. This is an additional opportunity for me to extend my reach and have individuals learn about real estate through my experiences, but also to remain informed on potential partnership opportunities and other ways to grow my portfolio.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?
A typical day is traveling to many of the businesses or meeting with partners. I’m on the phone a lot and often times have to be extremely disciplined about how I schedule my time. I also have two children, so I’m always negotiating the balance of work and family.

How do you bring ideas to life?
Things have to be clear from the beginning and there has to be a viable goal or ROI that you’re working toward. I try to work with people who are experts in their field, so I can learn from the best and get the best feedback and criticism.

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Joseph Rizzuto – Entrepreneur, Corporate Real Estate

Joseph Rizzuto

Joseph Rizzuto has spent time investing in commercial real estate, specializing in purchasing distressed properties/dilapidated houses for improvement projects and for returns to the marketplace. His work has improved communities, property value and provided access to housing all over the Tri-State area. He also is a property owner and commercial landlord, with expertise in commercial transportation. It was after some challenging times and misfortunes that I was able to get a second chance and to offer others second chances. It’s important to pay it all forward,

How did you get started in this business? What inspired you to start this business?

I’m from New Jersey and have become a national real estate investor with a focus on service industry properties. I began reinvesting earned income from my commercial transportation businesses into the real estate market, where I saw significant opportunities. I learned about depreciation and taxation on real estate in the United States.

How do you make money?

I have multiple investments on properties and in industries that allow me to earn residual incomes. I also own and operate my own commercial transportation business, which allows me to work with shippers and distributors around the world.

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Joseph Rizzuto Talks About Properties & Competition

Commercial Property

Joseph Rizzuto Properties manages several businesses in different industries, including buying, building and owing several different properties around the country. Joseph Rizzuto has managed properties and participated in several home improvements of dilapidated properties that have had a positive impact in low and middle-income communities. Joseph Rizzuto Properties also has several partnerships and investments in other industries, including food service and commercial transportation around the country, as well.

1. Where did the idea for company come from?

I have had several successful properties and businesses I was already managing. We look for opportunities to take underappreciated properties and turn them into profitable revenue streams. The real estate market can present quite a bit of residual income opportunities, which you can reinvest or use to purchase more properties. There are also a lot of tax benefits associated with real estate investments in the United States. So this business emerged from the successful investments and experiences of what I was already doing. We simply didn’t have a uniformed name or strategy for it yet, even though we had a great deal of success in this field.

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